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What Is A Rainwater Harvesting System?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your water bill? In Queensland, one thing everybody is interested in securing is a dependable rainwater supply. A rainwater harvesting system is a great way to do this. Let’s run through the details of a typical rainwater system and look at why setting one up is a smart choice for any home or business in Brisbane. 

What Is A Rainwater Harvesting System?

A rainwater harvesting system captures, stores and reuses rainwater that falls on rooftops or other suitable surfaces. The collected water can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes including drinking, gardening, washing cars, filling swimming pools, cleaning windows, and more. The exact components of the system will depend on the type of installation required. Generally speaking, it includes a roof gutter system, a tank to store harvested water, filtration devices to purify the water if necessary, and a pump to transfer the water from one location to another.  

Benefits of Installing A Rainwater Harvesting System

The primary benefit of installing a rainwater harvesting system is that you can save money on your monthly water bills since you’re not relying solely on tap water anymore. But there are other benefits too such as reducing your impact on the environment by reducing runoff and conserving energy that would have been used to treat tap water. Additionally, you will have access to free clean water which could come in handy during times of drought or emergency situations when tap and city-provided water may be scarce. 

Can I install the system myself?

Installing a rainwater harvesting system requires expertise in plumbing services as well as knowledge about local building codes and regulations governing these systems. It’s best to hire a professional who knows how to properly install these systems so that everything works correctly without any issues down the line.

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