Is There Lead In Your Tap Water?

Lead contamination in tap water is a serious health risk. Although lead water pipes are no longer permitted, they may still be found in old homes. Lead poisoning is a long-term risk, and even at low levels, lead poisoning has been linked to numerous health problems, including behavioural and learning issues, neurological damage, and even increased blood pressure. For this reason, it is important to test the water in your home or business for lead contamination. 

What Causes Lead Contamination in Tap Water?

Lead can enter tap water through corrosion of plumbing materials such as brass fixtures or pipes that contain lead. In older homes and buildings where the plumbing system may not have been updated for decades, the potential for lead contamination is especially high. Additionally, if there are any areas near the home or building where the soil has high concentrations of lead—such as close to an old industrial site—there could be a higher likelihood of lead entering the drinking water supply. 

Testing for Lead Contamination in Drinking Water

If you suspect that your tap water may be contaminated with lead, it’s important to have it tested by certified professionals who understand how to identify and eliminate the source of the issue. Testing involves collecting samples from various locations throughout your home or business’s water system and analysing them for traces of lead using specialised equipment.  Certified plumbers will also be able to recommend solutions if they detect elevated levels of lead in your drinking water supply. 

Preventing Lead Contamination in Water Pipes

The best way to protect against potential health risks associated with drinking contaminated tap water is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If your home was built more than fifty years ago, some parts of its plumbing system may contain brass fixtures that could be leaching lead into your tap water supply. An experienced plumber can inspect these fixtures and replace them with ones made from safer materials if necessary. They can also install filters on all taps used for drinking or cooking purposes. If you install new fixtures yourself, ensure they are from a reputable manufacturer and meet relevant safety standards. A licensed plumber will be aware of the regulations in this space. 

With so much at stake when it comes to keeping our families safe from potentially harmful contaminants, it’s essential that we take steps now to protect ourselves by having our water supplies tested regularly by certified professionals who understand how best to identify and eliminate any sources of contamination found within our homes or businesses’ systems.

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