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Dependable rain water supply is essential in Queensland – especially with water restrictions becoming increasingly common during dry season.

With local councils and the State Government encouraging Brisbane households and businesses to be as water efficient as possible, now is the time to install a quality rain water tank that will collect and store rain water.

Whether you opt for a round or poly tank, slimline water tank or an underground tank; Plumbform has got you covered. We install, repair, replace and service rain water tanks and pumps of every make and model, for both residential and commercial properties.

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Plumbform’s got all your rain water tank pump needs sorted in Brisbane

The good news is that rainwater tank pumps require very little maintenance to run efficiently. In exchange, it provides you with a consistent supply of free and useable water every time it rains. By having your Brisbane rainwater tank pump serviced regularly, you can rest assured it will serve your household or business well for many years.

There’s a common misconception about the cleanliness of rainwater – it’s actually very clean. The trick is to ensure it stays clean as it gets collected from your rainwater collection network (your roof’s guttering system), passes through your downpipes and into the tank for storage.

At Plumbform, we only supply the highest quality tanks, pumps and other rainwater collection components from the world’s most reputable brands. Our experienced professionals can install a highly functional leaf diverter to stop leaves from making their way into your rainwater tank.

Similarly, we install innovative First Flush devices that divert the initial influx of rainwater away from the tank to prevent dirt and debris from flowing into your tank as well. As a final line of defence, Plumbform installs pre-filtration screens to keep mosquitos and other unwanted contaminants out of your rainwater supply.

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