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Sewer-related issues are not something people like to deal with. And yet, if you’ve noticed a problem with your sewerage system, it’s important to deal with it immediately. Not only is it a health and hygiene hazard, but minor issues can very quickly grow into much bigger (and costlier) problems if left unaddressed.

First of all, let’s clarify: sewage is the wastewater from our homes, offices, schools, shopping centres and any other commercial space. It basically refers to any water that has come into contact with people – be it from the toilet, kitchen sink, shower, dishwasher, washing machine and so on. The average household of four people produces between 400 and 500 litres of sewage every day, and approximately 99.8% of this sewage is water.

As for sewerage, this refers to all the components our sewage goes through once it leaves our properties – the pipes, the treatment facilities, the pumping stations – before it’s discharged back into our waterways.

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Issues with your sewer plumbing in Brisbane? We provide comprehensive repairs

When the sewerage system in our home or commercial space becomes clogged, or it deteriorates over time, this can present a serious problem. Unfortunately, issues with our sewer plumbing aren’t always immediately clear.

This is because it commonly comes down to cracks in the pipes, or deteriorated sections of piping underground. This allows wastewater to escape from the pipes and pollute the surrounding soil; while dirt, tree roots and other debris can find their way in. Without repairs, this problem only gets worse.

If you’re having problems with blocked toilets or slow-draining sinks and showers, it’s crucial that you call a reliable Brisbane sewer plumbing professional as soon as possible.

How do our sewer plumbing services in Brisbane work?

We will come to your Brisbane residential or commercial property at a date/time that best suits you, and evaluate your sewer plumbing. Depending what we find, our plumbing professional may advise on one of the following approaches to repairing your sewer plumbing.

  • Pipe relining, which involves placing a durable liner inside the old/damaged pipe to smooth over the surface and seal any cracks or breaks
  • Pipe patching, which is similar in principle to pipe relining, but we use this for smaller sections of damaged pipes
  • Pipe replacement, which involves excavation or digging up the damaged pipe and replacing it with a whole new section of piping

If excavation is necessary, rest assured Plumbform is highly proficient in excavating sewer plumbing in a precise and efficient manner, for comprehensive repairs and parts replacements. We can also take care of all your hot water service, roofing/guttering, leak detection and 24/7 emergency plumbing needs.

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