5 Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill This Summer

Hot weather brings more water use. Whether we’re drinking more water, taking more showers, topping up the pool or watering the outside areas – there’s no avoiding a steeper water bill in summer. We also tend to have guests come and stay with us during this fun time of year, which increases water usage throughout the household as well.

However, there’s no need for your summer water bills to be exorbitantly high. Here are just a few quick tips on how to reduce your water bills this summer, so you can enjoy the sunshine without worrying about your wallet!

#1 – Minimise the amount of water that’s being wasted

You might not realise it, but no household is completely free of water wastage. It might be that we put the dishwasher on when there’s still room for more dirty dishes in there, or that we take a bath over a shower. It could be that we let the faucet continue to run water while we brush our teeth, or in the sink, while we wash fruit and veges rather than fill a bowl with water and wash them in there.

Try to identify these key areas where you can reduce your water wastage, as these little habits pile up into potentially litres and litres of water going down the drain every day – all of which contribute to your water bill.

#2 – Check your sprinkler system, and choose strategic times to water your garden

Did you know that if you water your garden at the peak of the day, it uses significantly more water than if you do so early in the morning/later in the evening? This is because water evaporates in the sun, so it’s better to hydrate your garden without any evaporation occurring.

Another way to reduce your water bill from the garden is to install a sprinkler system that has a rain sensor. This means that when it rains, your sprinkler system will automatically skip the cycle – no point watering your garden twice!

The other culprit for unnecessary water wastage in the garden is damaged sprinkler heads or cracks in the hosing. Check your sprinkler heads at the start of summer, and replace any that are worn, damaged or deteriorated. Sprinkler heads are cheap and easy to replace; available at any decent local hardware store.

Even if you have a lot of landscaping, it’s possible to reduce your water bills with these summer irrigation hacks.

#3 – Identify and repair any leaks in your home’s plumbing

Ridding your household of any leakages is a sure-fire way to reduce your water bills over the summer. Grab a dry towel and inspect anything in your house that uses water. The towel will help you to detect any moisture or accumulated pools/puddles of water, while any signs of rust or corrosion will indicate that something needs replacing.

Leakages commonly occur in faucets, showerheads, hot water systems, and the seals around baths and toilets. The other way in which a toilet might be racking up your water bill is that it’s constantly running due to a faulty flapper inside the tank. Like sprinkler heads, these are also cheap and easy to replace with a trip to your local hardware store.

Plumbform can help you reduce your water bills this summer

It might seem counter-productive to spend money on a plumbing service in order to save money on water bills, but our licensed professionals are extremely good at identifying ways to permanently reduce your home’s water bills for huge long-term savings.

We will go through your entire property and streamline it for minimal water wastage, so that you can enjoy peace of mind that your plumbing is free of leaks, corrosion and other damage that is causing your summer water bills to creep up unnecessarily high.

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