Summer Plumbing Checklist

Protect Your Home Against Common Plumbing Problems This Summer

We all look forward to some extra sunshine after hibernating through the winter months each year. Barbecues and beach days are a welcome treat, and our houses tend to see more visitors and gatherings once summer hits.

However, this also means more showers, more toilet use, and more dishes being washed in the kitchen. In Australia, summer is a plumber’s busiest month for unblocking drains, repairing leaky pipes and dealing with water pressure issues.

So if you’re eager to avoid these common summer plumbing problems this year, here are some helpful tips to keep your plumbing system in great condition through summer and all year round.

#1 – Check for existing blockages and avoid creating new ones

If your showers and toilets are getting used a little more than usual this summer (perhaps due to relatives or other guests being in town), be sure to keep your drains clear.

It doesn’t hurt to arrange CCTV pipe inspection ahead of time to ensure you’re starting the summer with 100% clear pipes, and then adopt a preventative approach by regularly removing any build-up from shower drains, bathroom faucets and kitchen sinks.

Remind your kids of how much toilet paper to use, as this will prevent your toilet from clogging right when your household needs it most. Make sure dishes are free of leftover food before going into the sink.

#2 – Inspect your plumbing for leaks

Another plumbing tip for summer is to set aside some time to go through your entire house and inspect everything that uses water. Check faucets, showerheads, spigots, sprinklers, the pipes underneath sinks, pool piping, hot water heating units, baths, toilets and more. Look for moisture, rust, corrosion and other signs of damage or leakage.

If you’re unsure about the quality of any of your plumbing components, it might be worth having a licensed professional inspect your pipes for you and provide expert guidance on whether your plumbing needs repairs/replacing.

Another thing to check at the start of summer is your washing machine. A more outdoorsy lifestyle means more loads of washing, and you want to be confident that your washing machine can handle it. Check for water puddles, mould, mildew and bulges or cracks in your washing machine’s hoses.

Replacing washing machine parts is generally a cheap and easy exercise that can save you lots of unnecessary headaches down the line.

#3 – Inspect your sprinklers

Summer is our sprinkler system’s time to shine, so a good plumbing tip for summer is to give it a thorough once-over to check for broken sprinkler heads or any cracks in the hosing. Aside from the fact that a damaged sprinkler system won’t water your garden properly, it can also rack up a hefty water bill.

Just like washing machine parts, sprinkler heads are cheap and easy to replace, but leaving the problem unaddressed will cost you a lot more in wasted water.

#4 – Clear your gutters of all debris

After a wet, windy winter, your gutters are likely to be filled to the brim with leaves and other debris. Be sure to remove all of this built-up debris from your roof’s guttering, so that rainwater flows uninterrupted to where it should be going, rather than spilling over and making its way into your home’s interior.

#5 – Call your local plumber for a full home inspection

Perhaps the most efficient way to get peace of mind that your home’s plumbing system is ready for the summer ahead, is to bring in a licensed professional to inspect your entire property.

What are the benefits of having a qualified plumber inspect your plumbing before summer?

  • They’re more likely to notice things that an unlicensed plumber will miss
  • Any repairs, replacements or installations will be carried out to a professional standard, with a full warranty
  • They can provide a comprehensive service that includes blocked drains, sprinkler systems, roofing/guttering, leak detection and more

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