Why Does My Tap Water Look Cloudy?

If you’ve noticed that the water coming out of your taps has been looking a little cloudy lately, you might be wondering what’s going on. Is it safe to drink? And more importantly, how can you get rid of the cloudiness and make your water crystal clear again? Read on for a detailed answer to the question “why is my tap water cloudy”, and some tips for how to fix cloudy tap water.

Cloudy water from the tap – what causes it?

There are actually a few different things that can cause cloudy water to come from your taps. One of the most common is air bubbles – when water is treated at a water treatment plant, it’s pressurised so that it can travel through pipes to your home. If there are any cracks or leaks in the pipes, that pressurised water can escape and mix with the air, causing those pesky air bubbles.

Another possible cause of cloudy water is sediments that have built up in your water heater over time. As these sediments are heated, they can break off and enter your tap water, making it cloudy.

Finally, if there’s been a recent change in your municipality’s water source – say, a switch from groundwater to surface water – the composition of the water might be different, resulting in cloudiness.

How to fix cloudy tap water

The good news is that there are a few easy ways to get rid of cloudy water. One option is to let a pitcher of tap water sit out overnight so that the air bubbles have time to rise to the top and dissipate. If you notice sediment in your tap water, try running cold water through your faucets for several minutes until the sediment clears out. And if you’re still getting cloudy water after trying these tips, contact your local municipality or professional plumber for help.

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