What are Different Types of Pipes Used in Commercial Buildings?

When planning the plumbing system for a commercial building, choosing the right pipes is crucial for long-term success. At Plumbform, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier expertise and solutions in the selection and installation of pipes suited for various commercial applications. Here’s an overview of the most reliable pipe materials used in commercial buildings.

Different Types Of Commercial Pipes Explained

Copper Pipes

Celebrated for their durability and reliability, copper pipes are a staple in commercial plumbing systems. They’re ideal for water supply lines due to their corrosion resistance and superior ability to withstand high pressures.

PVC Pipes

PVC offers a lightweight, cost-effective solution for water treatment and sewage systems. Its ease of installation makes it a favourite among contractors looking to minimise downtime and enhance efficiency.

Stainless Steel Pipes

Known for their strength and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel pipes are perfect for areas prone to harsh conditions. They ensure longevity and are a smart investment for any commercial property.

PEX Pipes

Flexible and versatile, PEX pipes are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for interior water piping. Their ability to expand and contract makes them highly resistant to freezing, which is critical in colder climates.

Cast Iron Pipes

For heavy-duty applications, nothing beats the robustness of cast iron. These pipes are often used for main sewage drains, thanks to their sound dampening qualities and exceptional durability.

CPVC Pipes

As a chlorinated version of PVC, CPVC can withstand higher temperatures, making it suitable for hot water lines in commercial buildings.

Galvanised Iron Pipes

Once a common choice, galvanised iron pipes are still used for certain applications, though they are being gradually replaced by more advanced materials.

Brass Pipes

Offering a touch of elegance alongside resistance to corrosion, brass pipes are used in visible areas where aesthetics are as important as functionality.

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