The Best 3 Ways to Unclog a Blocked Shower Drain

We all like to pretend it isn’t happening at first, but eventually it becomes undeniable… the pool of water at your feet in the shower is getting deeper and deeper each day.

Clogged shower drains usually come down to the same two or three culprits – clumps of hair, accumulated residue from soaps and other bathing products, or built-up lint and other debris.

Sometimes it’s a very easy fix. Simply check the drain and if there’s anything sitting on the surface, pull it out of the way and the water will start to drain like normal. Another common occurrence is that the drain stopper is too tight against the entrance of the pipe, so there’s no gap for water to drain. You may just need to unscrew it a little to allow space.

Failing these two quick and easy remedies, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Here are three of the best ways to unclog your blocked shower drain.


#1 – Use your hand, a hook or a drain snake to remove the clog

Once you remove the drain stopper and peer into the pipe below your shower, you might immediately see the cause of the blockage, in which case you can simply put on some rubber gloves, reach in and pull it out with your fingers.

If you can see the blockage but it’s a little too far down the pipe for you to reach, try using something with a hook to scoop up the obstruction. Coat hangers are a popular choice, although be careful not to damage your pipe. You can also use a drain snake – a nifty retractable tool that you’ll find in any decent hardware shop.


#2 – Pour boiling water down the drain

Depending on what kind of blockage it is, you might be able to dislodge the obstruction with boiling hot water. Residue like built-up soap remnants, for example, will easily dissolve with a little boiling water.

Try this process two or three times over the space of a few minutes and if it still isn’t working, mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of baking soda and pour this down the clogged shower drain. Wait for 15 minutes, and then follow with more boiling water. Hopefully you’ll hear some gurgling and the blockage will be gone.


plumbing for hot water


#3 – Call a licensed plumbing professional

At this point, it’s recommended that you bring in the big guns. A blockage that can’t be resolved with boiling water, natural cleaning products or contraptions like the drain snake are best left for qualified and experienced experts.

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